1. Do not escalate conflicts or cause drama. Keep the community fun & friendly.

  2. Everyone, including the moderators and administrators, will be respectful to others.

  3. Each channel has rules pinned. Post according to the channel's rules, and post content in the most relevant channel.

  4. We aren't a dating website, don't be creepy.

  5. If you wish to promote members outside of the community please let a mod know first.

  6. Please do not use the @ everyone or @ here tag, or role-specific tags.

  7. We are a private community. Do not share information or screenshots of what goes on within the community without protecting the identity of the persons involved, including omitting names or handles. Doing so will get you kicked from the community, second offense is a ban.

About Us

We're a private Twitch community (ran primarily through Discord) aimed at sharing knowledge and promoting camaraderie between both broadcasters and viewers. We are NOT a follow-for-follow community; as with most other Twitch communities, you get out what you put in. Our goal is to provide a platform for broadcasters to build genuine relationships with others who share their hobby.


Here are just a few of the things we offer:

  • Automatic promotion to the top of our members list when your stream goes live

  • Community events (game nights, movie nights, "wine and chill" nights)

  • Community game servers (Ark & Minecraft -- 7 Days to Die server in the works!)

  • Stream review and feedback

  • An active "questions and help" channel

  • Safe places for venting and positivity, and a channel dedicated to health and fitness

  • Promotion channels and roles for special event streams (birthday streams, charity streams, etc)

  • Gaming deals and news channels

  • Memes

  • An actively reviewed "suggestion" box


Interested in joining? See our Join the Community page!

Our Rules

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